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We could simply cut and paste stories from Variety, but we don’t. We’re too amazing for that. We RETYPE articles from Variety…


In the big-budget MGM flick Into the Blue, vacant fast-and-furious prettyboy Paul Walker and his gal, the dangerously hot Jessica Alba, play a pair of undersea divers (but doesn’t wood float?) who find a sunken ship full of valuable goodies.  On the nearby ocean floor is a wrecked plane, and a full cargo of high-quality … Continue reading


We’ve seen the hands of our alien invaders on the poster for Steve Spielberg’s experiment in quickie cinema, War of the Worlds. Now we may be seeing their foliage. Al Sullivan’s blog has pictures of red Martian weed (whether it’s better to smoke than Hobbit pipeweed is as of now unknown), as well as a … Continue reading


You can lead a horse to water but you can’t be sure that the well hasn’t been all dried up already. Or something. That’s my words of wisdom for Bruce Willis, who has said that he is going to start filming a new Die Hard in the fall. And not just Die Hard 4. No, … Continue reading


Sony tossed a few exclusive photos from the upcoming subterranean horror/thriller/Cole Hauser epic The Cave our way, and it only made sense that we disperse it between CHUD and its sister site, Creature Corner. Now, I’ll warn you… these are not photos of the terrifying winged haters you get glimpses of in the film’s trailer … Continue reading


The lovely and international boys over at Joblo nabbed an exclusive look at the one-sheet for Ridley Scott’s Kingdom of Heaven (though studios say we give a slightly more tender blowjob), and that’s the thing you see to the right of these little white letters. My first feeling from seeing it? Vague. Not too gripping. … Continue reading


Now that he’s already twice ridden with his modern-day outlaws in the Ocean’s gang, Brad Pitt will change it up when he straps on the spurs and sixguns to tell the umpteenth story of notorious desperado Jesse James. Pitt, who’s surprisingly never appeared in a Western (and no, Legends of the Fall doesn’t count), will … Continue reading


While the X-Files TV series lives on only in syndication and DVD, only the occasional mutterings of another movie give fans hope for another serving of their favorite basement-dwelling oddity-hunting FBI agents. While presenting at the Critics’ Choice Awards earlier this week, David Duchovny stated that he’d recently spoken to the show’s creator Chris Carter … Continue reading


Filmmaker/beardfan Steven Spielberg has long been planning a story of United States 16th president (#1 in tallness) Abraham Lincoln, but is apparently now getting serious about putting the lanky emancipator’s story on film. Who does he like for the part? Spielberg was obviously impressed by Qui-Gon Jinn’s impressive Jedi whiskers, and is looking to put … Continue reading