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I guess I’m the closest thing CHUD has to the resident Michael Bay apologist. Devin unwaveringly supports Woody Allen, Nick is relentless in defending the collected works of Craig R. Baxley, and I’ll stand by Bay’s aggressively energetic movies as the shamelessly idiotic entertainment they strive to be. Bay seems to be slightly maturing as … Continue reading


In honor of the upcoming St Patrick’s Day, we at are honored to bring you this bit of complete blarney, which has been sent to us by a reader from the Emerald Isle. It’s the latest full of nonsense rumor about the next Indiana Jones movie. Saw something this morning you might find interesting.While … Continue reading


By now you’ve probably heard an awful lot about the Korean film Oldboy. is just one of the many sites pimping this sucker for one simple reason: it’s a great fucking movie. Now it’s coming to these mighty shores in a limited theatrical release, and your chance to watch Chan Wook Park’s masterpiece is … Continue reading


Rank Title WeekendGross CumulativeGross Weeks in Release 1 The Pacifier $30,200,000 $30,200,000 1 2 Be Cool $23,500,000 $23,500,000 1 3 Hitch $12,500,000 $138,300,000 4 4 Diary of a Mad Black Woman $12,000,000 $38,000,000 2 5 Million Dollar Baby $8,500,000 $76,900,000 12 6 Constantine $6,000,000 $60,600,000 3 7 Cursed $3,800,000 $15,200,000 2 8 Man of the … Continue reading


I am thinking of making a Robin Williams checklist that you can print out and use whenever he appears in any setting where he can be extemporaneous. It would look something like this: _ Deaf Guy Voice _ Black Guy Voice _ Jewish Guy/Old Guy Voice _ Mexican Guy Voice/Gibberish Spanish _ Gay Guy Voice … Continue reading


The third installment of The Prognosticator,’s look at your movie future, is here. And it’s only two days late! Around these parts that’s a miracle, lemme tell you. As the year gets older, the movies gets better and more interesting, and the month of March has some really solid stuff coming, especially if you’re … Continue reading


Who will direct the remake of Evil Dead? Not Old Boy helmer Chan Wook Park, that’s for sure. He turned Sam Raimi’s ass down when offered the chance. "[W]e did approach him, but I don’t think it was right for him,” Raimi tells Empire Online. “I don’t want to put words into his mouth, but … Continue reading


Now, before I get to it, allow me to first say hello to the CHUD readership as I begin my new stint as news jockey extraordinare (a.k.a. prince of copy-and-paste commands). Hopefully my presence here will help give you guys even more variety in terms of actual news and editorial wit (that hopefully won’t be TOO … Continue reading


There’s a documentary coming to theaters soon that goes by the name of Gunner Palace. It’s about soldiers in Iraq, and it’s told from their point of view, and includes all their salty soldier speak. The MPAA gave the film an R rating. The filmmakers and distributors Palm Pictures felt this was unfair. While the … Continue reading