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We could simply cut and paste stories from Variety, but we don’t. We’re too amazing for that. We RETYPE articles from Variety…


When not spending time making unnecessary cameos (see: Ocean’s 12) or sequels to crap comedies (don’t see: The Whole Ten Yards), megastar Bruce Willis does still occasionally dabble in the hard-nosed cop action that made him a marquee name in the first place. Such as the upcoming Hostage, based on the novel by Robert Crais. … Continue reading


The teaser poster for Batman Begins premiered online late last week, depicting an iconic image of a hunched Dark Knight sort of hovering before a fiery stormfront (see it HERE).  Now the international poster has popped up, and instead of a shadowy snapshot of Bale in costume Photoshopped onto a fearsome sky, we find him … Continue reading


Here’s my thesis: J Michael Straczynski has the power of hypnosis. I can’t imagine how else people think he’s such hot shit, frankly. The guy’s not awful, but he’s not great. I mean, his Amazing Spider-Man comics are being treated like they came down from the mountain with Moses, yet they’re almost all terrible. The … Continue reading


I don’t know if Steven Spielberg is going for some kind of Guiness record for Biggest Blockbuster Turned Around In Shortest Amount of Time, but his new version of War of the Worlds is coming damn soon. The movie came together this summer and will be out next summer, and while there’s still extensive location … Continue reading


Let’s be honest, fans of hairy shapeshifters are not exactly inundated with quality werewolf movies.  Ever since David Naughton became a hungry canine in American Werewolf in London, the only decent werewolf flicks have been low-budget entries that skulked in under the radar like Dog Soldiers and Gingers Snaps (and Wes Craven’s appropriately titled Cursed … Continue reading


While I was away in Berlin the Independent Spirit Award nominations were announced. These are the kinds of films that you’ll often find me slobbering over here on the site, and this year’s nominees are a list of exactly some of the films that have me saying that 2004 is, pound for pound, one of … Continue reading


I’ll put it as simply as possible: if you’ve grown weary of all the exaggerated high-flying wire-fu and rubbery digital foolishness in action movies and just want to see old-school fighting and stuntmen being brutally punished in increasingly unnatural ways, you need to see the bone-crushing Thai martial arts flick Ong Bak.  Star Tony Jaa … Continue reading


Dear CHUD readers, this could well be one of the last times I update this site (stop cheering). This weekend I am flying to Berlin (the one in Germany) to visit the set of the feature film adaptation of Aeon Flux. I fear flying like a worm fears the early bird, and this will be … Continue reading


If you want to see a Harold and Kumar 2: Harold and Kumar Go to Amsterdam (where else?), you better buy the DVD. That’s going to be the deciding factor on a sequel, says director Danny Leiner. "That is the plan. The writers were hired to write that sequel. And I think it’s going to … Continue reading


I count myself as a strident Aaron Eckhart partisan, and I wince when I look back at some of the roles he has taken in recent years. Suspect Zero alone is enough to give you the stigmata. In fact, a look at his CV (how British of me!) reveals that the guy hasn’t been in … Continue reading