In the big-budget MGM flick Into the Blue, vacant fast-and-furious prettyboy Paul Walker and his gal, the dangerously hot Jessica Alba, play a pair of undersea divers (but doesn’t wood float?) who find a sunken ship full of valuable goodies.  On the nearby ocean floor is a wrecked plane, and a full cargo of high-quality nose candy inside.  When the drug dealers (led by ex-Goonie Josh Brolin) come looking for it, a whole bunch of really exciting stuff happens. 

Scott Caan plays Friend Who Probably Gets Killed, and the somewhat scalding Ashley Scott plays His Chick.  The diving instructor on the movie is director and Top Gun washout John Stockwell, who apparently developed a fondness for the sea and scantily clad humans while filming Blue Crush. 

Wet, writhing bikini-clad babes with tight bodies and ridiculous tans.  Underwater treasure hunters in over their heads.  A script from the guy who “wrote” Torque.  Looks sorta like a 21st century variation of The Deep.  Hell, they even utilized the title. I’m all over this.