Sony tossed a few exclusive photos from the upcoming subterranean horror/thriller/Cole Hauser epic The Cave our way, and it only made sense that we disperse it between CHUD and its sister site, Creature Corner. Now, I’ll warn you… these are not photos of the terrifying winged haters you get glimpses of in the film’s trailer but rather of the pretty people in the film and some exotic and dangerous cavernous locales. You will not see what these monsters look like until the release of the film (I’d assume).

For now, this is your taste of The Cave and judging from the last picture I’m going to share with you, it might be something a little different. Also, to see four more snips, CLICK HERE to check out what Dave and his crew have to share.

"So you want me to climb around with winged monstrosities circling? This is different from working at a Starbucks on Sunset how?"

"I never should have agreed to clean Rodan’s urethra."

"Here’s looking at you, kid. Here’s looking at you like Colm Meany’s worst nightmare, kid."