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Zombies are hot right now, which is kind of gross because you would think that a warmer environment would only speed their decay. Which is sort of a good metaphor for all the zombie movies we’re getting, as I will bet you dollars to donuts that once the current zombie craze ends we’re seeing our … Continue reading


Intrigued by Curb Your Enthusiasm’s brand of ad-libbing based around a story structure, Defiant Pictures is attempting to make a thriller using that same technique (which has caused some strife in the awards community and the unions – people seem to like arguing about how responsible Larry David is for the yucks on the show). … Continue reading


Considering it made a massive bundle of money over its opening weekend, it’s not really any surprise that a sequel to the remake of The Grudge is already in the works.  Assuming writer/director Takashi Shimizu plans to work on the proposed sequel, it’ll be the sixth time he’s had the creepy chalk-skinned boy and the … Continue reading


Warner Bros has released some new images of some of the supporting cast from the upcoming Batman Begins (although I’m pretty sure I have seen the Cillian Murphy pic elsewhere, months ago). It’s a look at how the secondary characters in the film are portrayed, although I would have preferred to see what Alfred and … Continue reading


I can’t even believe how crummy this teaser poster is. It looks like someone forgot to make a teaser and had two minutes to put something together. I guess I should appreciate the simplicity that these folks are going for, but the poster just ends up looking generic, like some sort of chick flick gone … Continue reading


Hell yes. If anyone needed to be told that Billy Crystal was about four years past his Oscar hosting prime, then I’d like to sell them my comic collection for Overstreet value times two. The Academy Awards have recently been hampered by one overriding force of evil… bad telecasts. Aside from Steve Martin’s smart and … Continue reading


Rumormongering about the upcoming Superman movie is now the top pastime of 1 out of 8 American adults. In fact, there is a magazine starting up that will cater specifically to this group of enthusiasts, Krypton Krap, which will have advice on things like starting your own false rumor, three easy steps to getting your … Continue reading


Festival Fury: The 2004 Toronto International Film Festival Sometimes, technology blows. HDTV, smart phones and talking toasters are well and good, but when something fails for no appreciable reason, angry hijinks ensue. About a month ago, I spent nine days in Canada, guzzling films in the cinematic marathon that is the Toronto International Film Festival. … Continue reading


Director Richard Loncraine obviously liked working with his pasty Wimbledon star Paul Bettany, as he’s following the striking British thesp to his next project and taking over the vacated chair on the Harrison Ford action-thriller The Wrong Element.  Which I always thought was cobalt.  In the flick, Ford plays a bank security honcho who is … Continue reading