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Hell yes. If anyone needed to be told that Billy Crystal was about four years past his Oscar hosting prime, then I’d like to sell them my comic collection for Overstreet value times two. The Academy Awards have recently been hampered by one overriding force of evil… bad telecasts. Aside from Steve Martin’s smart and … Continue reading


Rumormongering about the upcoming Superman movie is now the top pastime of 1 out of 8 American adults. In fact, there is a magazine starting up that will cater specifically to this group of enthusiasts, Krypton Krap, which will have advice on things like starting your own false rumor, three easy steps to getting your … Continue reading


Festival Fury: The 2004 Toronto International Film Festival Sometimes, technology blows. HDTV, smart phones and talking toasters are well and good, but when something fails for no appreciable reason, angry hijinks ensue. About a month ago, I spent nine days in Canada, guzzling films in the cinematic marathon that is the Toronto International Film Festival. … Continue reading


Director Richard Loncraine obviously liked working with his pasty Wimbledon star Paul Bettany, as he’s following the striking British thesp to his next project and taking over the vacated chair on the Harrison Ford action-thriller The Wrong Element.  Which I always thought was cobalt.  In the flick, Ford plays a bank security honcho who is … Continue reading


Now that director Antoine Fuqua is apparently doing a little time in Director Jail to serve penance for King Arthur, his next project American Gangster (aka Tru Blu, aka The Return of Superfly) has completely crumbled. Fuqua recently dropped out of the project over the obligatory “creative differences”, and now Universal has yanked the plug … Continue reading


Big news, Slap Maxwell and Buffalo Bill fans – Dabney Coleman has been offered a role in the new film from action maven Tony Scott, Domino, which for the last time has fuck all to do with X-Force. It’s not know whether or not The Dabs will be taking the role, or what it even … Continue reading


Batman Begins, the rebooting of the Batman franchise that is the centerpiece of Warner Bros’ 2005 slate, is already spawning a sequel. That shouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone who hasn’t spent the last few decades in Papua New Guinea, praying to avoid kuru, the laughing disease. I mean, everybody who is involved … Continue reading


If ever America was ready for a film about a smelly hippie girl sitting in a tree for two years, this is it. And so it has passed that Baldwin Entertainment Group, the people who are bringing us the very good biopic Ray, has optioned the story of Julia Butterfly Hill. That name may be … Continue reading


All these years after exiting Psycho earlier than most folks expected (if that’s a spoiler to you, you might need to unplug your cable box for a couple of years and watch some movies that don’t feature the Mandylor troupe), Janet Leigh has succumbed to that dreaded thing known as mortality. The mom of Jamie … Continue reading