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What the hell is a "horror documentary?" Seriously, I have no idea what that even possibly means. At first I thought a "horror documentary" was a documentary about horror. But then I found out that the "horror documentary" in question is about early serial killing pioneer HH Holmes. Holmes stalked his prey at the Chicago World … Continue reading


(CONTINUED FROM PART ONE HERE) It may have been in Kosar’s draft…or Sheldon Turner’s re-write…or Michael Bay’s pass – though I’m guessing he merely added the sequence where the Japanese drop the torpedo through the roof… I kid Michael Bay because I love Michael Bay. Sincerely. It may have been Andrew Douglas’s call. It may … Continue reading


I didn’t catch any of the first Star Wars: Clone Wars animated shorts on the Cartoon Network, opting instead to wait for the eventual DVD release, and I’m glad I did because getting them in one somewhat cohesive package was a great way to see them. Unsurprisingly, I found them more entertaining than Episodes I … Continue reading


I don’t particularly like being a negative prick (sometimes) but I’ll be damned if Bewitched doesn’t look like a waste of talent. Will Ferrell? Nicole Kidman? Michael Caine? David Alan Grier?! And here I thought they were simply turning the old television show into a contemporized film. You know, something that centered around a witch. … Continue reading


Avi Arad talks. And talks. And talks. Now he’s talking to Empire Online about the upcoming X3, to be directed by good old Matty Vaughn. That, by the way, was an Aint It Cool scoop that was correct. They had another scoop that was much less correct: “It won’t be a female Angel. I don’t … Continue reading


The end of the Lord of the Rings films has left a hole in my year-end moviegoing experience. I’m hoping that the upcoming Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe can help plug that hole to an extent. Now the folks at Narnia Fan have gotten a hold of an advertisement for … Continue reading


Four days ago, Señor Dave del Davis alerted us to the new domestic trailer for Michael Bay’s sci-fi thriller The Island. I gotta say, I’m in a bit of agreement with our resident Dave. Sure, Bay’s films aren’t the pinnacle of thought or substance and they do seem to excede the Hollywood quota for uses … Continue reading


Paul W.S. Anderson is preparing to add yet another title on his résumé of visually stimulating lousy movies with Deathrace 3000 for Paramount. Anderson’s vehicular carnage remake has been in the works for years, but got put on blocks while he was busy slapping around major franchises like Resident Evil and Alien vs. Predator.  Pocket … Continue reading


I think that at this point it’s pretty common knowledge that I am getting positively tumescent with excitement about the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie coming on April 29th. I spent about an hour playing on the website for the film today (, just giddy with excitement. So when I tell you that the … Continue reading