vdsThe end of the Lord of the Rings films has left a hole in my year-end moviegoing experience. I’m hoping that the upcoming Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe can help plug that hole to an extent.

Now the folks at Narnia Fan have gotten a hold of an advertisement for Narnia-related maquettes and other overpriced gimgaws, which reveal some of the design elements of the film. If you’ve checked out the behind the scenes footage that has trickled out onto the web you know that Weta is doing AMAZING work on these creatures, many of them practical. Which is just the best thing – a guy in a minotaur suit is always better than a CG minotaur.

I’ve chosen to show you Mr. Tumnus here, but the site has many other designs, including the White Witch, satyrs and Aslan. I have a friend named Aslan, by the way, but he is not leonine.