casWhat the hell is a "horror documentary?" Seriously, I have no idea what that even possibly means. At first I thought a "horror documentary" was a documentary about horror. But then I found out that the "horror documentary" in question is about early serial killing pioneer HH Holmes.

Holmes stalked his prey at the Chicago World Fair in 1893. He designed a whole building that was outfitted to kill and dispose of his many – and probably uncounted – victims. Holmes regained some fame recently with the stunningly dull book The Devil in the White City, which Paramount has optioned.

The "horror documentary" is called HH Holmes: America’s First Serial Killer and it’s directed by John Borowski. It will feature plenty of re-enactments of Holmes’ crimes.

Leonardo DiCaprio has his own Holmes (HH, not John) film under development as well.

In much more horrorific news, these racist geniuses named their baby "Aryan Justice."

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