I don’t particularly like being a negative prick (sometimes) but I’ll be damned if Bewitched doesn’t look like a waste of talent. Will Ferrell? Nicole Kidman? Michael Caine? David Alan Grier?!

And here I thought they were simply turning the old television show into a contemporized film. You know, something that centered around a witch. I guess I was wrong. It seems to be a Hollywood movie about Hollywood… and a witch.

Scathing industry observations will no doubt be made. Edgy!

If nothing else, there is Will Ferrell who hasn’t to this day let me down (regardless of what I might think of a couple of his films). Let’s hope that trend continues.

Bewitched (which also stars Shirley MacLaine, Jason Schwartzman, Stephen Colbert, and Steve Carell) twitches its way into theaters June 24th.


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