Four days ago, SeƱor Dave del Davis alerted us to the new domestic trailer for Michael Bay’s sci-fi thriller The Island. I gotta say, I’m in a bit of agreement with our resident Dave. Sure, Bay’s films aren’t the pinnacle of thought or substance and they do seem to excede the Hollywood quota for uses of explosives in a single movie. But truth be told, the man knows how to friggin’ shoot a flick. I’ll be damned if some of the imagery in both the domestic and this new international trailer aren’t some of the coolest we’ve seen all year thus far (except of course for that damn slow-mo shot of twirling helicopter blades… Michael, that shite’s played!)

Anyway, this could prove to be more than decent, or a the very least, a fun romp at the movies.

The new trailer is pretty swanky with a lot of the same stuff seen in the domestic cut. Notably new is the inclusion of another Ewan McGregor and a few more shots of the criminally underused Sean Bean.

The Island explodes onto screens July 22nd here in the States and August 12th across the pond in the UK.


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