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Fans of Douglas Adams’ prose waited anxiously for many years for the big-screen adaptation of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. And while it was probably never possible to truly capture the goofy brilliance of Adams’ written work, the flick manages to convey a lot of the spirit.  At least Sam Rockwell does, anyway. The … Continue reading


How good must a contest be to warrant an entirely different font on this website? DAMNED GOOD. IPOD NANO GOOD. I’m doing this contest in a different font because that’s how we roll. People think they have us pegged? BOOM! Here’s Courier New for our efforts. For web guys, that is power. We are going … Continue reading


You already saw our massive LOST DVD contest (I’ll announce winners on Friday, so stay tuned to the site after your lunch break), so now it’s time for another massive television hit to strike DVD with tons of features and plenty of sizzle.Desperate Housewives.I have a stack of these puppies on DVD waiting for the … Continue reading


You know what it’s like to be a pariah? Not until you’re the guy who gives A Lot Like Love a good review you don’t. Our DVD reviewer disagrees with me (check out what he has to say here), but I thought this Ashton Kutcher starrer was a harmless and occasionally very charming romcom, and … Continue reading


You all know the show. Many of you are aware that it’s about to hit DVD in a snazzy and stacked special edition series one set. Heck, some of you are among the many on our message boards debating the minutia even as J.J. Abrams and his crew hold carrots just out of your filthy … Continue reading


So, you say you’re a Joss Whedon fan? Why haven’t you caught one of the many not-so-secret paid sneaks for Serenity they’ve uncorked over the past few months? So, you say you’ve never heard of Joss Whedon but you like science fiction movies with brains? Why haven’t you plopped your deuce down for the DVD … Continue reading


It’s a Cronenberg. If those words aren’t enough to interest you in this film, you simply shouldn’t be getting a free pass from this site. After last week’s The Cave screening, I’m beginning to doubt you folks anyway. What kind of lame duck room was THAT? It’s like free movies and intermittent swag isn’t enough … Continue reading


No, this isn’t a chance to win the 11th sequel to Adam, though I envision a contest for that at some point in the site’s steady decline into mediocrity. Speaking of mediocrity, the Atlanta crowd at our screening for The Cave. They made Stephen Wright look downright frantic in comparison. One of my friends remarked … Continue reading


A lot of people think that they are the man. Some think that all of their problems exist because of the man. Some people are the man, but not the first man but rather the man referred to in that second sentence. More likely, they aren’t the man but won’t have time to defend themselves … Continue reading