Fans of Douglas Adams’ prose waited anxiously for many years for the big-screen adaptation of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. And while it was probably never possible to truly capture the goofy brilliance of Adams’ written work, the flick manages to convey a lot of the spirit.  At least Sam Rockwell does, anyway.

The movie finds hapless British gent Arthur Dent swept away during Earth’s final hours, escorted on his adventure across the galaxy by his friend (and alien, it turns out) Ford Prefect, an interstellar researcher who takes Dent on a trip filled with towels, babel fish, Vogon poetry and a ship powered by improbability.

The new DVD (which boasts commentaries, deleted scenes and featurettes) gives you a chance to board the spherical wonder of the Heart of Gold, and we’re giving some of these shiny futuristic data thingies away, gratis.  How do you win?  Use the link below to answer these questions (and be sure to include your full name and mailing address).

1. Zaphod’s “borrowed” conveyance is powered by the revolutionary Infinite Improbability Drive.  If you swiped the ship from Zaphod and took it to Hollywood, what highly improbable film or event would you most want to make actually happen?

2. Marvin the android is a real misery machine, and nobody wants to hang around someone/something that depressing for an eternity.  If you had to spend your remaining days as a circuit being, which cinematic robot would you prefer to be and why?

3. When do you think a device similar to the Hitchhiker’s Guide of the book/film will become a mass-market reality (without all the cosmic knowledge, of course), and what would you be willing to pay?