.It’s a Cronenberg.

If those words aren’t enough to interest you in this film, you simply shouldn’t be getting a free pass from this site. After last week’s The Cave screening, I’m beginning to doubt you folks anyway. What kind of lame
duck room was THAT? It’s like free movies and intermittent swag isn’t
enough these days, people just kind of sat there in the theater
sneering as if us being up there talking to you before the flick was a
nuisance to you and that we were getting between you and YOUR FREE

Sickening. Remember that the radio stations, websites, and other folks who do these screenings are the reason you’re there (unless you’re press). This stuff is work for us and while sometimes we annoy and/or take too long, it’s still better than waiting a week or two to see the flick and paying nine or ten bucks for it. Anyway…

It’s a Cronenberg.

The guy is such a legend that legends kneel. And he’s Canadian, which showcases the uphill climb to legendary status.

His latest film is something a little less "body horror" than most of his ouvre, but still the work of a master at peak form. Devin (read his Cronenberg interview) saw this film recently and found it to be brilliant. Russ hasn’t even seen it yet (read his Cronenberg interview) and he already says it’s the best thing since sexual intercourse. Viggo Mortensen. Maria Bello. Ed Harris. William Hurt. Based on a graphic novel. Cronenberg.

You can’t miss this if you are what I call "A great person".

How to get a pass? Well, sort of like you have been, except as I streamline things at home with the workload, so must the folks who send in envelopes.

On the outside of the EXTERIOR envelope, I need you guys to do the grassroots thing with me. Write "Visit CHUD.com for the best movie news and discussion on the web!" there and I’ll know you’re after a Cronenberg pass. Also, specify what city you want to see it in. Also, just one envelope per SASE please. It gets confusing to keep track.

Lastly, and most importantly…

Tell everyone whose taste in film matters to you about this film and this screening. We are Cronenberg’s army and we are LEGION. I want these seats filled not with the people who just crave free stuff but people who have seen more than three of David’s films in a theater. People who know and love Stathis Borans and Darryl Revok. We must get people excited about A History of Violence.

Here’s the cities:


Here’s the address to mail your SASE:

4915 Camberbridge Dr.
Alpharetta, GA 30022