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Cillian (it’s pronounced Killian) Murphy and Rachel McAdams are having some McTrouble in the skies in Wes Craven’s Red Eye, a thriller based around the premise that Murphy’s friendly passenger is anything but as he threatens the attractive young lady as they fly. As if the skies aren’t scary enough with the threat of terrorism, … Continue reading


Weird NJ was one of those great zines that happily exploded out into popularity. Dedicated to everything from the Jersey Devil to a real street called Shades of Death Road, Weird NJ soon became so popular that it evolved into the book Weird US. And now that’s become a TV show on the History Channel, debuting August … Continue reading


Dane Cook is an incredible comic. His Harmful if Swallowed album got heavy rotation in my car as I pretty much forced everyone who entered to at least listen to his bits about the Kool Aid man, punching bees in the face, and the masturbating fetus. Of course, it never ended there and new people … Continue reading


Our zombie combo contest (more details HERE) has come to a close, and drew a staggering amount of responses.  Contestants were required to answer these two questions: 1. Besides the mall, where’s the best place to go when the dead start rising from the grave? 2. Without having actually tasted them yet (one hopes), who … Continue reading


Disney’s Ice Princess isn’t an obvious kind of film that might catch the interest of CHUD’s general readership.  Don’t get me wrong, it certainly has elements that I find appealing.  But my own proclivities aside, even Devin gave the film a favorable review (READ IT HERE) and he’s not even really a perv. The movie … Continue reading


Another contest? You’re damn right! We got the shit and we LOVE flinging it… figuratively speaking, of course. Though I’ve not had the chance to sink my teeth into Prozac Nation, I’ve heard lots of good things regarding Christina Ricci’s performance (and mammaries). Roger Ebert even says it on the cover! Lucky for you folks, … Continue reading


I’m happy to be able to announce some contest winners here, since my inbox has been getting pounded with entries for some time. I won’t be able to announce winners for all of our open contests – my policy is to NOT announce winners until prizes are in hand and we don’t have full prize … Continue reading


Gus Van Sant’s new film, Last Days, is a brilliant examination of the final hours of a rock star who really resembles, but isn’t, Kurt Cobain. Haunting and beautiful, the movie opens this weekend. We’re really happy to be offering our readers the chance to win some prizes related to this film. (We also have … Continue reading


If you’re a zombie fanatic and didn’t get a full gullet from Land of the Dead, you’re in luck, because CHUD has got some tasty treats for ya… from beyond the grave! (oooohhh…) First up, you might’ve seen us mention the groovy ghoulie comic Zombie Tales from kickin’ new publisher Boom! Studios.  This anthology book … Continue reading