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What’s it feel like to win, baby? Ask the kids below, because they’re all taking home some very cool prizes. Let’s start with the hottest items on the list: The tickets to the hometown premiere of George A Romero’s Land of the Dead. This is the prize I wish I could take for myself. The … Continue reading


Hostage surprised the shit out of me. Not literally, as there’d have been a rift between myself and the AMC Theaters chain. The film was fun, so fun I literally took a shit in the theater. Wait. I didn’t literally shit. I figuratively shit. My brain’s ass made poops at the theater. Ah screw it, … Continue reading


The glory days might have passed, but NBC’s stalwart series E.R. still has enough fans to fill a wood-paneled station wagon. And until Noah Wylie gets that call for More Myths of Fingerprints, so it shall be. Wait. You say he hung up the scrubs a month ago? Uh-oh. Consider this his last hurrah, then, … Continue reading


Werewolves are great. We don’t get enough werewolf movies, especially ones that don’t waste the talents of Julie Delpy. Wes Craven is a beloved horror creator for many, and this is his werewolf film. Better yet, this is the unrated edition of his werewolf film. Better yet, it’s free. Cursed stars Christina Ricci, Roger Dodger‘s … Continue reading


You can’t keep a good shark down. While there was a Jaws DVD that hit shelves a couple of years ago, this is the film’s 30th anniversary, which is as good a time as any for a double dip! The good news is that the new Jaws disc seems actually worth buying. But maybe you … Continue reading


I don’t know how I feel about the poker craze. While I like the game a lot and think that anything having to do with Rounders (my review) is brilliant, I get very tired of seeing out of shape people in headphones and under sunglasses acting all tough and feel that the celebrity they gain … Continue reading


These are the faces, the doomed visages…These are the once beloved, destined for torment…These are the ones who will feel the burn… These are the fucked. These are the winners of the contest HERE. Sometime in the near future of the comic strip RON, the strip will revert for three weeks into Blood & Guts … Continue reading