.You already saw our massive LOST DVD contest (I’ll announce winners on Friday, so stay tuned to the site after your lunch break), so now it’s time for another massive television hit to strike DVD with tons of features and plenty of sizzle.

Desperate Housewives.

I have a stack of these puppies on DVD waiting for the likes of you!

I was one of the people noticeably baffled by the arrival of this show from nowhere, but now is my chance to perhaps give it a spin and see what the fuss is all about. You, most likely, are very aware of this show and what it represents so all you have to do is enter this contest and hope for the best.

It’s a fun contest, one that I hope a lot of you take a stab at.

It’s about stereotypes. Those people whom you interact with in real life who represent a certain little chunk of the social structure who are either people you like or don’t but are stereotypes either way. For example, here’s my day of stereotypes:

Went to Barnes & Noble. Saw these stereotypes:

1. The older lady who is offended she has to wait for you to push your baby into the store. She obviously was there to purchase the latest issue of Spinster Bitch and couldn’t wait for me and my daughter to pass though in case someone had broken the shrink wrap and stolen the enclosed PC Demo of Estrogen Hunt III.

2. The coffee shop girl who has one speed: Molasses. Even though the line was long and my daughter was agitated, nothing would get the cute but alarmingly young lady to step it up a notch. She obviously knew she was getting paid by the epoch.

Went to Kroger. Saw these stereotypes:

1. Irate Boyfriend. Walks the aisles making eye contact to see if you stole a glance at his scantily dressed lady, and of course you did! She’s wearing a neon vulva clip that blinks and plays a MIDI file that says "My legs like being in different time zones from each other." Poor guy. I can look away and move on. He has a 24/7 job of being tough.

2. Couple with no respect for your personal space. As I tried to check out items these people chastized each other literally within a foot of me in the self-checkout row. For no reason.

Went to the Braves game. Saw these stereotypes:

1. Nosferatu. Guy was more concerned with calling his store to make sure Strayker was working than the game. Bald. Tall. Pale. Fangs. Collar pulled up high to obscure fang marks from his turning.

2. Plastic Girl. She had 54% fake body parts from eyelashes to breasts to lips to breastlips. I think Irate Boyfriend was with her but in the men’s room peeking over the stall.

3. Pervert Dad. He had his daughter and her friends. He was watching them. Oh yes he was. Even though they were 12. He was at the ballgame. There was grass on the field.

Using the email link below, tell me a few of the stereotypes you’ve seen in recent days. Tell about them in relation to you. Who knows, maybe a few Desperate Housewives near you have allowed for some nutty situations. Don’t forget to include your mailing address too, as these are not you seeking DVDs but rather items I have to mail. Have fun, this could be a great contest!