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THE CONTEMPORARY EDGE-OF-YOUR-SEAT THRILLERTHE SKELETON KEYCasts its Spell on DVD NOVEMBER 15, 2005 from Universal Studios Home Entertainment Sad songs may say so much, but it’s scary stories that really get our blood pumping. Next Tuesday, November 15th, sees the DVD release of The Skeleton Key, a supernatural thriller starring Kate Hudson that weaves a … Continue reading


Don’t cheat on your loved one. Seriously. Even if you don’t really love them. You know, just opt out of the situation before doing that deed. This was a public service message from common sense. Derailed is a film about a philanderer and philandress essayed by the terrific Clive Owen and lovely Jennifer Aniston (each … Continue reading

CONTEST: SEE SAW II FREE! is partnering up with Lion’s Gate and Fandango to let five lucky CHUD readers win a free pair of tickets to Saw II, opening this weekend. The tickets are through Fandango only, so make sure that Fandango has a listing for a local theater playing this film before you enter. The tickets will be … Continue reading


It’s fitting that on the week before Halloween I’m running a contest for the Korean horror film Spider Forest. Because there’s nothing scarier than running a CHUD contest, of course. Spider Forest isn’t your average Pacific Rim horror picture – it’s a psychological thriller about mysterious murders in a cabin in the woods, and the … Continue reading


I’m going to just say it now that the discs are out and so many people know already: The DVD commentary that I participated in and was ultimately cut from the disc was for The Fly II. Along with a few other webheads, I delivered as many jokes as I could but for one reason … Continue reading


***Update*** It’s official, we will partner with these guys for all the cities having the screening, so people in Boston, Atlanta, Detroit, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Austin, Houston, San Francisco, and Seattle all pip ein with your entries and who knows what may happen? Make sure to specify what city. Also, I’ve been asked to forward … Continue reading


You’re all winners if you ask me. Actually, you’re not. By hook or crook there’s always people who click onto this site who are piles of problems and worthy of seventeen punches to the nipples. Most of you are great, though! Here’s the next group of folks who have won one of our many, MANY … Continue reading