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Matthew McConaughy is Dirk Pitt. The first time I heard those words were oddly comforting, as I’d bought my dad a Clive Cussler book every year for the duration of the 80’s and had gotten tired of the character and his adventure franchise getting the shaft from Hollywood. I mean, what is more popcorn munchingly … Continue reading


I’m jazzed about this flick. How could it not at least be a lot of fun? Travolts owns as Chili Palmer, The Rock makes for a great gay bouncer, Vince Vaughn fills out a pimp suit well, and Danny DeVito, Uma Thurman, and Harvey Keitel all add sauce to the sauce. Plus, it’s an Elmore … Continue reading


Although you’re more likely to see Hollywood’s remake before the original Asian source material ever reaches US shores, companies like Tartan are looking to change that.  And hey, they want to share a couple of thrillers with CHUD readers, so they’re as magnanimous as they are wise! Doppelganger (which skirts the boundaries of comedy) from … Continue reading


I’m all for Elektra. Isn’t that just wrong? A movie webmaster giving it up in public that he is excited about a spin-off from a film that a lot of us felt disappointed by. It’s weird, I know… but I just have to come clean. Jennifer Garner. Rob Bowman. Ninja action. It takes less to … Continue reading


While you conduct your search for the lost city of Tanis, may I suggest a diversion in the soon to be released found DVD of tennis? Paul Bettany is a minor deity and Kirsten Dunst… was in Spider-Man, so Wimbledon ought to be a film you’re aware of. Bettany plays a player in the twilight … Continue reading


You guys like the screenings, so they keep coming (even though I’ve been lax in getting the Charlotte and Raleigh stuff organized as well as I should). Plus, when the films are genre flicks like this featuring the muscular hotnesses of both Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds it’s hard to say no. Blade Trinity, aka … Continue reading


Sky Captain Prize Packs: Christian Spilker, Florida Kelli Joseph, Arizona Kevin Ross, New York Jason Adams, Virginia Noah Feder, Tennessee Matt Goldberg, Ohio Ken Boggs, Illinois Matt Ingersol, Nevada Nat Overholtzer, Massachussettes Richard Karpala, Colorado Henry Yoon, D.C. Chris Conley, Maryland Sam Coodley, Oregon Michael Crawford, North Carolina Robin Smith, Texas Bill Womack, Kentucky Daniel … Continue reading


We ran a cool contest recently for the upcoming Drawn Together cartoon on Comedy Central. We had three prizes: Third was Reno 911 Season 1 DVD, Second was Chapelle’s Show Season 1 and the awesome grand prize was South Park Seasons 1 through 4. The lucky winners are: Third: Glenn Thomas, OR Second: Art Hultz, … Continue reading


It’s seems more and more like the right answer to the question "What is the best Tim Burton movie?" is Ed Wood. I’m not sure myself, as it’s been ages since I saw the film in theaters and have grown rather partial to Big Fish. Regardless, Burton’s love note to the deceased angora fashion statement … Continue reading