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We’re continuing our ongoing devotion to all things Tartan (catch up with our reviews HERE!) with another contest, this time for the snazzy Blade Runner-ish futuristic flick Natural City. It’s got super-powered cyborg killing machines literally dismantling human soldiers using high-tech weapons and insane martial arts. You know you wanna see it. The official synopsis: … Continue reading


I’m enjoying doing the letters column on a weekly basis and though the letters come in consistantly I want to make it more content rich and fun. This thread was originally created to fuel letters for the massive Steady Leak articles but since those are super rare I figured it’d be nice to instead have … Continue reading


In case you haven’t gathered by the ongoing coverage here on CHUD, Tartan is kicking ass all over the US of A with their releases of great Asian flicks. And we’ve got another to share with readers, Yuichi Sato’s "New Generation Thriller" Pray. The official synopsis: Down on their luck and desperate for money to … Continue reading


Silent Hill looks like it’s going to be splendid. A great director (Brotherhood of the Wolf is better than a handjob from a prom queen), a great cast, and creepy shit in excess. What’s not to like? I especially love the blobby creatures in the trailer, partially because they look like Dragon*Con patrons and partially … Continue reading


I suppose we could start this out with a frayed trenchcoat. You see, I’m wearing it and beckoning you closer. Except I’m not going to expose myself this time. My sweet, sweet words entice you, although you’re not sure quite yet. So what if I told you that you could have the opportunity to win … Continue reading


If we haven’t been clear enough, here it is for the folks in the cheap seats (Guam):We are hard for Slither.Devin already saw it and said it was, and I quote, "very good". Devin’s pretty tough to please, unless your last name is Aja and then he is in some sort of odd swoon all … Continue reading


Is your Playstation 2 still breathing? Need to inject some life into it? How about a copy of Drakengard 2, the sequel to the Square-Enix action game featuring multifaceted air and ground combat? In a vast fanstasy realm, you take control of a young knight and his dragon to destroy their enemies with various weapons … Continue reading


The first thing people are going to think when they see the poster for She’s the Man is this: Shakespeare. Carl Shakespeare, maybe. That said, this is based on The Twelfth Night by the Bard himself. It’s also cut from the same cloth as Just One of the Guys, a film from my childhood. Speaking … Continue reading


Thank You For Smoking is a terrific film. A funny film, bouyed by crackerjack writing and a cast of brilliance. Aaron Eckhart is incredible. William H. Macy, Maria Bello, Rob Lowe, David Koechner, and Sam Elliott are great too. Cameron Bright is in every film known to man (I have a theory on that but … Continue reading