Is your Playstation 2 still breathing? Need to inject some life into it?

How about a copy of Drakengard 2, the sequel to the Square-Enix action game featuring multifaceted air and ground combat? In a vast fanstasy realm, you take control of a young knight and his dragon to destroy their enemies with various weapons and lethal tobasco breath.

Sound good? Here’s what you need to do to get your scaly mitts on this: use the link below and include your full name and address, and…

1) There be dragons everywhere, including on this site. Find two articles and/or reviews that discuss those winged reptilian beasts, read them (naturally) and provide linkage.

2) Who’d win in a fight: Draco from Dragonheart, Peter MacNichol’s worst nightmare from Dragonslayer, that big mean non-McConaughey bastard from Reign of Fire, or Bruce Lee?