You For Smoking is a terrific film. A funny film, bouyed by crackerjack writing and a cast of brilliance. Aaron Eckhart is incredible. William H. Macy, Maria Bello, Rob Lowe, David Koechner, and Sam Elliott are great too. Cameron Bright is in every film known to man (I have a theory on that but will hold it for later) and Katie Holmes is. She just is.

The film centers on a tobacco lobbyist (Eckhart) who has to deal with the rather maudlin business he’s in all the while trying to have a successful family life and all that jazz.

Thankfully, the film focuses on laughs and not touchy-feely soapbox dreck. It’s a blast and whether you hate smokers, love them, or are them it just doesn’t matter. It’s a real solid film and I think Jason Reitman’s already more interesting than his dad as a director.

Either way, you’ll want to see it.

If you live in Atlanta or Raleigh (a few smokers over there) and want to see the film, pop a Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope in the mail to, 4915 Camberbridge Dr. Alpharetta GA 30022 and write "SMOKING" on the outside. I will shove a pass in it with reckless abandon if I can fulfil your request. It’s that simple. This is a film that will live or die by the grassroots movement, and that’s you! I dare you to make this a hit.