KONG DVDI suppose we could start this out with a frayed trenchcoat. You see, I’m wearing it and beckoning you closer. Except I’m not going to expose myself this time. My sweet, sweet words entice you, although you’re not sure quite yet. So what if I told you that you could have the opportunity to win a SIGNED Peter Jackson King Kong DVD courtesy of your friends at CHUD.com, Universal, and Special Ops Media?

If you jumped me in excitement, calm down, although this is one hell of a contest for Jackson fans – and this being the internet, there are quadrillions. If you didn’t see King Kong, shame on you, considering Jackson’s event filmmaking skills remained unparalleled amongst the hacks and the fledgling up and coming directors of our era. Kong is a fully realized event – battling multiple T-Rexes (to the dismay of John Hammond) and whishing his willowy fur in arguably one of the digital age’s most impressive feats of creation. And while Jackson continues to work in his epic 3 hour mode, his adaptation of Kong blows by faster than your own pubescent acne explosion.

Now the big question. We only have ONE DVD to give away, so answer this question.

What is your favorite moment from a Peter Jackson film?

I don’t care which movie, although if you’re creative, you’ll find a good one from his entire oeuvre. And when I say moment, it can be just that – a scene, a line of dialogue, a look – basically an encapsulation of what Jackson’s skills are as an artist summed up in one specific moment.

Make sure to give me your FULL NAME and ADDRESS along with your ANSWER TO THE ONE QUESTION.

Submissions not conforming to these caveats will be instantly deleted and you won’t win. So make sure to follow these horrifically third-grade easy directions and who knows? – you could find yourself in the possession of one signed DVD from the Man, the myth, the legend himself. Plus, you’ll annoy your friends and get all the poontang in the world. Guaranteed (- actually it isn’t. But you can dream, right?).

Send your entries to:


This contest runs until April 7th, so get crackin’! Or as Luther might say – toast.

Good luck! Additionally, as you might already know, the King Kong DVD hits shelves Tuesday the 28th, and make sure to get the honkin’ 2-Disc Special Edition (right here) considering it’s filled with the cohesive Kong experience.