Hill looks like it’s going to be splendid. A great director (Brotherhood of the Wolf is better than a handjob from a prom queen), a great cast, and creepy shit in excess. What’s not to like? I especially love the blobby creatures in the trailer, partially because they look like Dragon*Con patrons and partially because they look like WizardWorld patrons.

We’re going to be giving out passes in a multitude of states that hate gay marriage, so if you live in or near one of the cities below consider sending in a self addressed, stamped envelope so you to can hang out on the very quiet mini-mountain:









I have a few unsent Slither envelopes (only because they arrived too late to send out in time) that I’ll fill, but otherwise here’s how to get a shot at a pass all your own. Send an SASE to at 4915 Camberbridge Dr., Alpharetta GA 30022 with a scary drawing on the INSIDE ENVELOPE. Something creepy to mess with the minds of overrated postal workers. If I get them before Monday, April 17th they should get there in time.

Do me a favor would ya? Tell your friends. We need a good turnout in cities like Greensboro and Knoxville. They typically are leaner in quantity, possibly because people are so busy driving through crowded intersections where people are complaining about annoying gay people and their insane desire to live their lives in equality.