’m enjoying doing the letters column on a weekly basis and though the letters come in consistantly I want to make it more content rich and fun. This thread was originally created to fuel letters for the massive Steady Leak articles but since those are super rare I figured it’d be nice to instead have folks send in stuff like this for here to keep it fun. The questions can be about anything in life and hopefully stuff which might interest the other readers. Ideally folks will send them is through THIS LINK but I’ll also comb that thread for new stuff.

So, I’ll be doing a weekly Leak Letters column. I will also give out a prize every week to one reader who sends in the "Leak of the Week", essentially the letter that is deemed the best of the week. Not the longest, funniest, or even most intelligent. Just one that happens to be either my favorite to read or my favorite to respond to.

I have a stack of DVD’s, shirts, and other swag lying around just waiting to be sent through time and space to you, so help me fuel this column by sending your letters or posting your letters on that thread and you just might get a goodie you either love or hate!