we haven’t been clear enough, here it is for the folks in the cheap seats (Guam):

We are hard for Slither.

Devin already saw it and said it was, and I quote, "very good". Devin’s pretty tough to please, unless your last name is Aja and then he is in some sort of odd swoon all his own. Aja is his Pyun or Wimmer. Otherwise, Devin is pretty damn tough to please and it makes me extremely THRILLING! to know Slither worked for him.

I know it’s going to work for me, it seems as if it was made for me. Rooker? Space Slugs? Bloated humans that’d make Altered States blush?

I am so there.

You can be too if you live in one of the following cities:


Want to see this beauty before the rest of your loved ones (though you can bring one guest with the pass)? Send an SASE to, 4915 Camberbridge Dr. Alpharetta, GA 30022 with the name of your city and a drawing of a slug on the INNER ENVELOPE and I will send a pass hurtling through time and space towards you. There might also be another special pass in there too. In fact, if you sent me an SASE in the past couple of weeks and want to see Slither too, send me a quick note here and tell me you want some Slither.

Fillion. Rooker. Banks. Slugs. Gunn.

A lethal mixture you’ve gotta see.