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UPDATE: Thanks to Quint over at AICN who got ahold of the following excerpt from… The show’s principal voice actors have all signed on for the project and creator Matt Groening is delighted with the script for the film. The Simpsons‘ spokeswoman Antonia Kaughman says, "Now we’re going to get the best of both … Continue reading


Hey, guys. I’m currently blasting a leaked chunk of the Batman Begins score as I prepare this bad boy for you. I’ll tell ya, if the score is at all indicative of what we’re gonna get from this film (which I’m catching tonight… I know, I rule!), then we’re in a for a REAL treat. … Continue reading


(From the Vampire Cheats Death stories) This cough is getting worse and my head feels like it’ll explode with the next fit, like someone could take the tip of a pin and pop it open with the slightest prick. There’s that light but leaden feeling in my arms and legs, swimming in gauze almost, and … Continue reading


Hello, faithful readers! Last month, we brought you a quick rundown of the upcoming CHUDstories we had as well as our latest story topic, Vampire Cheats Death. So what’s going on now? We will have a new story topic available later in the month. What it is, even I don’t know! Rest assured that it’ll … Continue reading


Here’s some good news for fans of Shaun of the Dead: Nick Frost, who played Ed in that film, did a show in the UK called Danger! 50,000 Volts, and it’s finally coming to the US (Now somebody get Spaced over here. Not for me – I imported it from the UK. But for the … Continue reading


I don’t particularly like being a negative prick (sometimes) but I’ll be damned if Bewitched doesn’t look like a waste of talent. Will Ferrell? Nicole Kidman? Michael Caine? David Alan Grier?! And here I thought they were simply turning the old television show into a contemporized film. You know, something that centered around a witch. … Continue reading


Four days ago, Señor Dave del Davis alerted us to the new domestic trailer for Michael Bay’s sci-fi thriller The Island. I gotta say, I’m in a bit of agreement with our resident Dave. Sure, Bay’s films aren’t the pinnacle of thought or substance and they do seem to excede the Hollywood quota for uses … Continue reading


(From the Twisted Childhood stories)Dust piled upon dust piled upon boxes laid upon the floor, all filled with memory. The click of a pull-chain sprays stark glare upon the age worn trinkets of childhood. From somewhere far below, the static of four a.m. TV echoes upward to the attic. Lidless eyes glare angrily; doll faces … Continue reading


Now, before I get to it, allow me to first say hello to the CHUD readership as I begin my new stint as news jockey extraordinare (a.k.a. prince of copy-and-paste commands). Hopefully my presence here will help give you guys even more variety in terms of actual news and editorial wit (that hopefully won’t be TOO … Continue reading


(From the "Cyberpunk" Backspace stories)Chips Ahoy was beginning to think Microsoft’s new one-touch CTRL/ALT/DEL key was the single most useful thing they’d ever created – Windows Utopia be damned – as he pounded his way to another reboot. “If it’s a fatal exception, then why the hell aren’t you dead?” he screamed in frustration. The … Continue reading