cwdHere’s some good news for fans of Shaun of the Dead: Nick Frost, who played Ed in that film, did a show in the UK called Danger! 50,000 Volts, and it’s finally coming to the US (Now somebody get Spaced over here. Not for me – I imported it from the UK. But for the rest of you. It’s amazing!). I am working out an interview with Nick sometime soon (my third with him – at this point I think I have to make him my firstborn’s godfather or something), and I hope to have a review of this set for you before it hits stores. In the meantime, here’s the press release – and pay special attention to the info on zombies…

Danger. She has no color, form or texture, yet she’s everywhere and she’s after your life. So what do you do when the inevitable occurs and danger comes knocking on your door? Well, you consult Nick Frost, your captain of calamity, your ranger of danger, your chauffer of chaos. He’ll be your guide on the sea of choppy waters that is the June 28th Rykodisc release of DANGER! 50,000 VOLTS!, the British TV series that combines comedy, action and, of course, full-blooded danger into one hilarious package.

Best known to U.S. audiences for his co-starring role as ‘Ed’ opposite real-life best friend Simon Pegg in Rouge Pictures’ 2004 horror/comedy smash Shaun Of The Dead and for the beloved Channel 4 series SPACED (which also starred Pegg), Nick Frost is currently one of Britain’s most in-demand comedic performers, with appearances on such U.K. favorites as Black Books (with Shaun co-star Dylan Moran) and Big Train. With DANGER! 50,000 VOLTS!, Frost is not only your host, but also your whipping boy to showcase some of the deadliest and most dangerous moments ever brought to DVD.

People often ask themselves what they would do if confronted with an incredibly dangerous situation, for instance being attacked by a bear, driving with no brakes, falling into icy waters or surviving a snake attack. Well they need wonder no more, because Nick Frost is here to show them the way. For every dangerous situation one can think of, Nick and his team of experts present a play by play on enduring the most dangerous circumstances. And he does it in 8 hilarious and action-packed episodes, all never-before-seen in the U.S. From how to deal with bat-wielding maniacs to surviving nuclear armageddon, they’re all here, all dangerous, and all uproarious.

Rykodisc’s DANGER! 50,000 VOLTS! DVD will be available in a special 2-disc edition featuring all 8 episodes of the series in 16×9-enhanced widescreen. Special features include audio commentary with Nick Frost and series producer John Reilly and a special bonus episode, DANGER! 50,000 ZOMBIES! where Frost and special guest star “Dr. Russell Fell” (who looks suspiciously like a certain co-star of Frost’s) tell you everything you need to know about surviving an attack from the living-impaired that you didn’t learn from Shaun Of The Dead.