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Challenge of the Superfriends, Volume 1 (Order it from Amazon!) This show was a vital part of my youth, many readers youth’s, and probably the existence of recording industry sensation Musical Youth, a band that most likely enjoyed the adventures of Hawkman while wisely passing the Dutchie on the left hand side exclusively. The … Continue reading


READ PREVIOUS COLUMNS HERE! Okay, so this edition is a little late, but that’s because I was busy enjoying the new Lost Skeleton of Cadavra DVD. If you like purposely cheesy tribute (homage fromage?) to cheap 50’s sci-fi flick, you ought to dig it. I should probably point out that the discussion of films in … Continue reading


Good day. Since Devin did a terrific and comprehensive review for Spider-Man 2 on Tuesday, I decided not to cloud the mix with my take. Especially since I too loved the film and found the faults to be minimal. It might be the best superhero film since Condorman. Actually, it ranks right up there with … Continue reading


Let’s get the boring intros out of the way right now. My name’s Russ Fischer — dubious Atlanta resident, proud Red Sox fan. I met Nick at a press screening in Atlanta a while back, and we got to talking about all the typical topics: zombie movies, the glory of Uwe Boll and baseball video … Continue reading


READ PREVIOUS COLUMNS HERE! This week’s installment mostly focuses on a few cult films I’ve recently caught or dug from the archives, and I figured I’d share my thoughts here. If you’re looking for something with a slightly higher profile, I’d have to recommend you go pick up the new DVD of Spartan, one of … Continue reading


READ PREVIOUS COLUMNS HERE! I’m either late with last week’s installment, or early with this weeks, but either way it’s here… hope you find something you like. Got an interesting film suggestion? Know of something good in the works? Just want to tell me I’m rubbish?  Drop me a line at, and I’ll respond … Continue reading


Welcome back to the site after a weekend of naughtiness and repeated kicks to the solar plexus and a Monday that included not getting fired and an unexpected tryst in the closet with your boss’s daughter. I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. The official softball team, The Chewers played … Continue reading


BUY IT AT AMAZON: CLICK HERE!STUDIO: UniversalMSRP: $26.98 RATED: NRRUNNING TIME: 93 MinutesSPECIAL FEATURES:• Commentary track• Unrated deleted scenes• Nude beach exposed featurette The “teen comedy” genre was personified in the 80s by John Cusack and Anthony Michael Hall, while the 90s took a regrettable tumble into Freddy Prinze Jr. and Matt Lillard territory. American … Continue reading


READ PREVIOUS COLUMNS HERE! Thanks for all the response to the column thus far. I hope it’s helping people find some new flicks to check out, maybe broaden a few horizons. Again, for those in the US, I highly recommend picking up a code-free DVD player with PAL conversion, which will allow you to see … Continue reading


ER, Season Two (Order it from Amazon!) This will be remembered as the year of Eldard. That’s right, Ron Eldard. This is the season where he and Nurse Hathaway started playing "hide the sand and fog" on E.R. Of course, Ron’s not the big thing about the second season of the long-running Crichton/Spielberg/Wells drama powerhouse. … Continue reading