Hello, faithful readers! Last month, we brought you a quick rundown of the upcoming CHUDstories we had as well as our latest story topic, Vampire Cheats Death.

So what’s going on now? We will have a new story topic available later in the month. What it is, even I don’t know! Rest assured that it’ll probably be something kind of f*cked up. Also, ALL story topics (which you can check out here) are still currently open and will probably remain that way for the foreseeable future. You guys seem to dig on the old stuff and that’s cool. We don’t want to restrict you guys too much.

Anyway, here’s what’s coming up in the month ahead…

June 1st: Bargain (Vampire Cheats Death) by Richard Dickson
June 8th: Settlement (Creature Features) by Trevor La Pay
June 15th: One Last Time (Pulp Crime) by Gabriel Garza
June 22nd: Box (Pulp Crime) by Andrew Clarke

That’s pretty much it, folks. As always, if you’re considering submitting a story, please take a moment to read our submission rules and guidelines before tossing ‘em our way.

Happy writing!

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