His hair is ALMOST snazzier than mine. Now, before I get to it, allow me to first say hello to the CHUD readership as I begin my new stint as news jockey extraordinare (a.k.a. prince of┬ácopy-and-paste commands). Hopefully my presence here will help give you guys even more variety in terms of actual news and editorial wit (that hopefully won’t be TOO mediocre). You’ve been warned!


I’ll admit that when I first heard that Miami Vice was coming to the big screen, my usual happy face turned a bit sour. There really seemed to be no need to revisit a show that, in retrospect, was more of a launching pad for a great talent (creator Michael Mann) than something screaming to be contemporized for the new millenium. Plus, it basked in the excesses of the 80s and Phil Collins. If there’s something that we need less of today, it’s the 80s and Phil Colins.

I will, however, defend all the talent involved as that is the only aspect at the moment that actually has me anticipating this film. I would follow Michael Mann (writer/director/producer) into Hades if I had to — watching the recent double-dip of Heat has only reinforced that. Jamie Foxx is slated to play Det. Ricardo Tubbs, and his fantastic work in Ray and Mann’s own Collateral has also seriously nabbed my respect. Even Colin Farrell (as Det. James "Sonny" Crockett pictured above) has made a fan out of me with his work in (of all films) Alexander.

Now, thanks to the kind souls at the Colin Farrell Fansite, we can now get a gander at the Irish hunk in all his loafer-wearing glory on the set of Miami Vice… in LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA. Okay, that’s kinda weird and a bit disappointing… I was hoping to see Mann use his newfound (and utterly great) digital cameras out in the Flordia locale. But knowing the director’s fondness for Southern Cali, I suppose it’s not too much of a surprise to see him take that route.

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