George Merchan


Hello, everyone! After a bit of a hiatus, this sucker’s back. I’ve gotten a few more submissions (to those who haven’t heard from me, I apologize. You will soon enough.), so thankfully it seems that the ship will stay afloat for at least a little while longer. So keep ’em coming, folks. This is your … Continue reading


Here’s a baby I’ve been anticipating for quite some time. Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride is the follow up to his (and I can’t NOT mention Henry Selick) first stop-motion masterpiece, The Nightmare Before Christmas. Oddly enough, the film is loosely based on a 19th century Russian folktale which is supposedly built on the historical fact … Continue reading


Fantastic Four, when your trailers are pretty much the bottom rung of trailerdom, you’ve got yourself a bit of a problem. Even the inclusion of the TRUE human torch, Jessica Alba (you know, ’cause she’s hot), may not be enough to salvage this one. This new trailer starts off alright, but about a third in, … Continue reading


(From the Pulp Crime stories) Dirk grasped his right hand and slowly flexed it back to life. The pain surged through each finger intensely, transforming each joint into a fireball that throbbed with each movement. It hurt like a son-of-a-bitch and Dirk wondered if he had finally broken the damn thing. At least he was … Continue reading


Next up we have writer/director Christopher Nolan, best known for his smaller and more psychological films, Memento and Insomnia. Nolan has displayed an undeniable talent for capturing real human drama and in the exploration of the thoughts and motivations of his often densely layered characters. That’s no different here in Batman Begins (especially in the … Continue reading


CHUD’s own Master Chief, Nick "Beards-a-Plenty" Nunziata, first talked about Microsoft and their cute little stunt to bully studios into buying Alex Garland’s Halo script right here. Now, it seems that two studios are going to come out of this holding hands on the whole deal… Fox & Universal According to Variety and an article … Continue reading