David Simoneaux


Does knowing that a movie is going to suck, change your perception of the movie when watching it? I think that answer is yes. You lower expectations and can watch said movie without that need of it being worth your time and money.Well I recorded KNOWING, knowing good and well it wasn’t going to be … Continue reading

Neaux Way Possible-High School of the Dead

Since it’s October, it’s nice of Anime Network to throw up “High School of the Dead” on Time Warner Cable’s Cutting Edge on Demand. The first episode debuted last week and I was shocked and disgusted and overall fairly impressed. This zombie filled anime is almost complete carnage of zombies invading a local high school. … Continue reading

Neaux Way Possible-The Karate Kid

After watching the Karate Kid on Friday night, I asked my son what he thought about the boy winning the tournament. My 4-year-old son looked confused. “The boy didn’t win,” said my son. “The boy lost. The girl won.”What?Oh.So I tried to explain that Dre was a BOY with long hair who fought the BOY … Continue reading