Was 2010 the year of Jay Baruchel? How to Train your Dragon was amazing. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is out on DVD (which I still haven’t seen) and She’s out of My League is now plastered on Showtime.

I took the time to watch “League” last night, not sure what to expect since the trailers I remembered seemed to highlight manscaping. Groan! So I was expecting more of a raunchy-comedy. Instead I was happily surprised to see a great date movie that seems to mesh Kevin Smith dialogue with a John Hughes/Savage Steve Holland comedy.

From the setting in Pittsburgh to the workplace of the airport to the crazy family of lead character of Kirk (played by Baruchel), this movie had that John Hughes feel. Kirk’s group of friends seemed ripped right out of Mallrats. Specifically, T.J. Miller’s character of Stainer, who sounds eerily like Jason Lee. Side note: T.J. Miller is also a voice actor in How to Train Your Dragon.

So what are the main reasons to watch it:
1)    Hockey. I can’t stand the Pens but any movie with hockey in it, gets my respect.
2)    Jay Baruchel is extremely likable.
3)    T.J. Miller’s Stainer fronts a Hall & Oates Tribute band
4)    Alice Eve is indeed hot, a good actress and keeps her clothes on for the most part
5)    ASTRID! Jasika Nicole of Fringe has a small role in the film.

If you haven’t seen She’s Out of My League, I say go for it. It might not be quite the “10” but it’s a solid 7.5 or 8.