As Halloween is vastly approaching, I felt possessed to watch at least one horror movie before Oct 31st. I had the day off today so I sat down and rented Night of the Demons (the remake) off the television in HD.

Surprisingly, this is NOT a movie I recommend renting in HD. The biggest reason being that the movie takes place at night, and the High-Def made every scene look like it was shot in daylight. Maybe the light coming in every window was to be moonlight, but it really looked a helluvalot like sunlight to me.

That wasn’t the only distraction in this movie remake. The movie seemed split on practical effects and cgi effects, and both seemed really off. Neither effects worked to suck me into the movie.

Even the sucking in this movie by the horny demons, wasn’t remotely horny or sexy either. As you can guess, there were not many boobs, and the most disgusting part of the movie was seeing some live worms near a guy’s buttcrack.

The comedy was sparse as well.  Edward Furlong didn’t impress, but he did have one funny line in the movie. I actually liked the actor John F. Beach, who played “Jason” the most out of all the actors and wish he had more humorous lines. I’d like to see this dude get more work. He reminds me of a mash between Jason Lee and Chris Novaselic.

The other thing worth noting is the movie’s goth metal soundtrack. Using Type O Negative’s “Black No. 1″ always brings a smile, but the rest of the music is pretty damn great too. Check out the wiki for a tracklisting.

I don’t know why, but I remember the original Night of the Demons being GREAT. This remake was rather lacking. It definitely wasn’t worth $5, but might be worth your time on one of the premier cable channels or a $1 redbox rental.

I give it a 5 out of 10.  (Side note= I cannot believe I didn’t recognize Shannon Elizabeth in this movie. So props to the hair-dye job).