Tangled worked its hairy magic on my son this weekend. It worked on me too. While I’ve heard Disney wanted to market Tangled as less of a princess movie, it totally sold my son on Flynn Rider and his horse. Hell, I wanted to take my son to see it just to see how well Zachary Levi was used in the film.

Before we went to the theater, I stopped by Target to grab some quick presents, and my son bought your standard hot wheels car (for boys) and a mystery car that was shrouded in black packaging. He likes the surprise factor.

Well we checked out and headed over to the movie theater which was conveniently next door to the Target. As we sat during the preview, groups of little girls in their tiaras began flowing into the theater. I was afraid my boy might freak. He is all ICKY GIRLS right now and doesn’t like “girly” things. Yet, he seemed to be distracted by the trailers enough to not notice all the girls. I’m glad, because Tangled is a fun movie. Yes the story centers around Rapunzel, but Flynn and Maximus the horse steal the show. My son loved it whenever the horse was on screen.

So I’m glad my son went to the movie and didn’t get all “girly movie gross!” It’s a great movie for boys and girls and adults too. Oh and about that mystery hot wheels car….

When we got home, he opened it up and it was a pink Cadillac. You could just see the tears forming in his eyes. I wanted to laugh, but told my son that pink cars are cool. I think I accidentally said “it’s a pimp mobile.” Yikes. Then I corrected myself. “You can play with it and pretend it’s Mommy’s car.” Sheesh.. What else do you say to a 4-year old?