Since it’s October, it’s nice of Anime Network to throw up “High School of the Dead” on Time Warner Cable’s Cutting Edge on Demand.

The first episode debuted last week and I was shocked and disgusted and overall fairly impressed. This zombie filled anime is almost complete carnage of zombies invading a local high school. For a first episode, you get lots of blood, and fast moving zombies ready to dine on the flesh of students.

Speaking of flesh, I’m actually getting to the age where all this fan service, the boob and panty shots in “High School of the Dead,” is a little disturbing. Actually it’s more disturbing than the violence. Still, “High School of the Dead” is highly watchable and should be on your radar for some monster anime fun.

TWC updates their on demand channels on Thursdays so stay tuned for Episode 2. Look for HOTSDEAD ep 2 under the Action section of Anime Network’s tab on October 21st.