Does knowing that a movie is going to suck, change your perception of the movie when watching it? I think that answer is yes. You lower expectations and can watch said movie without that need of it being worth your time and money.

Well I recorded KNOWING, knowing good and well it wasn’t going to be good. But I heard the special effects were decent, and I love watching Nicolas Cage films to see whether he’s playing a new character or playing the same character in a different film. I also have a theory about his hairpieces: that the better the wig, the better his acting. In KNOWING, Nic’s hair is a little distracting and so is his acting. He’s a professor, so his role seems similar to know-it-all Nic from National Treasure. I think that bothered me a little bit, just like his hair.

(Spoiler talk)
Well beyond that, I must say that I watched KNOWING after watching all the episodes this far on season 3 of FRINGE. Remember the numbers episode entitled “6955 KHz?” There is a connection between the two stories in that the answer to the numbers’ meanings are latitude and longitude coordinates. Also, the alien people in KNOWING seem awfully similar to the observers on FRINGE. In fact, if the story of  KNOWING was worked into an hour episode of Fringe (without everyone dying of course) it probably would have been really damn good.

I’m not going to elaborate on the bad stuff. It’s in there. It’s laughable and sometime sad the way the characters are forced to react. Yes, there is A LOT of stuff wrong with the movie, but I really think that if you like FRINGE you’ll find some good stuff in KNOWING to like too.

So there you go. KNOWING sucks, but now that you know that going in, you just might enjoy the ride.