The wife and I actually went out this weekend. Like on a DATE. We were happy to see Travel Channel’s Anthony Bourdain speak live at the Progress Energy Center in Raleigh. He was fantastic as expected, but the venue was a little unfriendly.

This performance hall serves up the booze and that just didn’t sit well with me. In fact it didn’t SIT WELL with many folks. The reason was that so many “drinkers” would not sit the “F” down. Hearing Bourdain speak was definitely more important than seeing him physically, but the constant distraction of the audience getting up to grab more drinks and go potty break was beyond annoying.

I really wish Anthony would have addressed these folks and given them a hard time. The reality is after hearing Bourdain speak, I can tell he is just an extremely nice guy. Even with his rants and frank language, it still comes across. The best is hearing him speak about his daughter. He sounds like an old softy.

So is he worth your time? ABSOFRIGGINLUTELY. I say enthusiastically, GO SEE Anthony Bourdain while he is on tour. You won’t regret it. Visit for upcoming tour dates.