Mmmm... grudgyConsidering it made a massive bundle of money over its opening weekend, it’s not really any surprise that a sequel to the remake of The Grudge is already in the works.  Assuming writer/director Takashi Shimizu plans to work on the proposed sequel, it’ll be the sixth time he’s had the creepy chalk-skinned boy and the lady with staircase issues frighten people to death. 

The Grudge producer Roy Lee, known for importing Asian films for American remakes (The Ring, Dark Water, The Eye, Oldboy, etc.), told our grisly sibling Creature Corner that “The Grudge 2 is now being fast-tracked, as we speak, and we’re now working on the details. We were very proud of the film and I think people went to see it because it was a good film which is the most important thing."

It is not known if Sarah Michelle Gellar will return, or if the throaty curse will slaughter an entirely new group of Americans who happen to be visiting Japan.