ZOUNDSMischa Barton, one of the stars of The OC, that Fox show I won’t watch, has been rumored to be up for the role of Lois Lane in Bryan Singer’s Superman: The Confusening, but today’s announcement that she is starring in the movie The OH in Ohio may put that in some doubt.

Superman is supposed to start filming really soon – maybe in a month or so. This film starts next month, which wouldn’t make it impossible for Barton, but probably unlikely. We’ll see.

I interviewed Parker Posey a long time ago for A Mighty Wind, and she mentioned this film. Here’s what she had to say at the time: "I got a script from a couple of guys that went to Vassar,
a writer and director named Billy Kent. He wrote a script
called The O in Ohio. It’s about a woman who
lives in Ohio who has never had an orgasm, it’s a comedy,
it’s really good. We’re trying to get financing for that.
What’s good now is that I ran into Burt Reynolds – he said
three years ago at a party that if I ever came across one
of those "cool independent movies" to give him
a call and he’d be happy to do it. And this script has a
Burt Reynolds part! And Greg Kinnear, he’d be right for
this other part!"

It looks like Danny DeVito is taking the Burt Reynolds role, as the pool boy who finally gives Posey her orgasm. Ugh. David Arquette is starring in what is probably the Kinnear role, Posey’s husband who hasn’t been able to give her an orgasm in their seven years of marriage. He moves out to let her pursue the big O on her own, and ends up sleeping with Mischa Barton, one of his students. Lucky prick.

[Note: It’s come to my attention that the girl above is not Mischa Barton. I don’t know what she actually looks like, and that picture came up in a Google search. In the interests of having a hot pic, I will leave that one up.]