FOCK YOUI can’t even believe how crummy this teaser poster is. It looks like someone forgot to make a teaser and had two minutes to put something together. I guess I should appreciate the simplicity that these folks are going for, but the poster just ends up looking generic, like some sort of chick flick gone wrong.

Meet the Fockers is, of course, the sequel to Meet the Parents, and I hope the movie has something to offer beyond the silly title. This will be the last Ben Stiller movie of the year, bringing his 2004 total up to an astonishing 285 films, including a couple of cameo appearances in random birthday party video footage.

Still, Hoffman’s performance in I <3 Huckabees has definitely stemmed my feelings of anti-Dustinosity, so it will be interesting to see him playing Stiller’s dad, and who wouldn’t look forward to all the people endlessly bitching about Barbara Streisand simply for existing?

Look for another poster as soon as the studio realizes this one blows.