DARTSSIntrigued by Curb Your Enthusiasm’s brand of ad-libbing based around a story structure, Defiant Pictures is attempting to make a thriller using that same technique (which has caused some strife in the awards community and the unions – people seem to like arguing about how responsible Larry David is for the yucks on the show). The film, called DARTSS (that acronym spelled wrong just SCREAMS 70s to me, which I like), will be directed by a guy I never heard of named Jason Crain.

It’ll be a low-budget affair, coming in at 100,000 dollars, and I can’t imagine it being any good. But you have to give these guys a big old A for effort (even if a similar concept was used in this year’s abysmal indie film The September Tapes). Filming starts at the end of the week in Canada.

Good luck on your adventure, boys.