fdewI am thinking of making a Robin Williams checklist that you can print out and use whenever he appears in any setting where he can be extemporaneous. It would look something like this:

_ Deaf Guy Voice

_ Black Guy Voice

_ Jewish Guy/Old Guy Voice

_ Mexican Guy Voice/Gibberish Spanish

_ Gay Guy Voice

It’s that last voice that he’ll be able to really bust out in a new movie called The Night Listener. It’s one of Robin’s serious films, and he’s taking a big pay cut – down to $65,000 – to appear in the 3 million dollar film. It’s based on an Armistead Maupin novel, about a gay DJ who strikes up a telephone relationship with his biggest fan.

The film is being directed by Patrick Stettner, who last did 2001’s The Business of Strangers. Sandra Oh and Toni Collette are in talks to also appear.