feBy now you’ve probably heard an awful lot about the Korean film Oldboy. CHUD.com is just one of the many sites pimping this sucker for one simple reason: it’s a great fucking movie. Now it’s coming to these mighty shores in a limited theatrical release, and your chance to watch Chan Wook Park’s masterpiece is almost here.

Most of CHUD.com’s readers haven’t seen much of anything from this film yet, so hopefully the new trailer, now live at Yahoo! Movies, will give you an idea of what you’re in for. Like many trailers for foreign language films this one includes no dialogue – no sense in scaring off the anti-subtitle crowd yet! – but it does have a bunch of the great visuals that makes this film as special as it is.

Head over to Yahoo! Movies and see this (unfortunately streaming) trailer – and it’s the green band one, for general audiences, so you don’t even get a good look at some of the more… special moments in the movie.

Also make sure to check this page to see when Oldboy is coming to a city near you.


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