Here’s a couple of snippets from our own Devin Faraci’s
review of High Tension, a REAL horror film opening this weekend. Bask in this:

The direct fathers of High Tension aren’t The Ring or Boogeyman – they’re The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and I Spit on Your Grave.

Some of the best gore I’ve seen in
movies in maybe a decade or so – real, old fashioned deep red splatter.

That pleases me a whole lot. What
pleases me more is the aggressive and nonconformist way they’re promoting the
film (probably the coolest ads we’ve ever run on this site), especially with
the “Gory Clips” aspect of their approach. Gore is special. Gore is pure. Gore
is the best and only way people like us should experience the violence in life.
It’s harmless in the most true sense. We know it’s fake and no one gets hurt,
but boy is it effective.

Now, you need to pop over to the OFFICIAL SITE of High
and check out their brutal and beautiful (brutiful?) clips of some of
the slaughter from the film. You will not be disappointed. Plus, they’re giving
away Sony PSP’s to a lucky group of folks. Check it out now, but come back here
because we have a handful of PSPs of our own to give out to some of you thanks
to the lovely folks at Lion’s Gate. and its sister (ie: freckled and with pigtails) site Creature Corner (who’s about to get a facelift) have our own little contest for our PSPs, but you have to hunt around the official site for High Tension as well as through our coverage to have a chance at the best handheld video game system ever made. Every night, I play at least one game of Lumines, some MVP Baseball, or Hot Shots Golf before I collapse into sleep. Not to mention the ever-growing library of great films (and Are We There Yet?). So, if you want to win one of these you have to be hardcore.

But first, GO OVER TO THE OFFICIAL SITE AND BE BLOWN AWAY. Then come back here, but only after you’ve done some searching. You’ll need to pay attention to win a PSP over here.

Here’s the first set of our questions:

1) Who dubs Cecile de France’s voice in the film?

2) What garage is advertised on the back of the killer’s

3) Cecile de France watched a lot of horror films to prepare
for this role. Which was her favorite?

4) Finish this: Friends Don’t Let Friends Get __________ .

5) Who approached High Tension director Alexandre Aja about
remaking The Hills Have Eyes?

csaNow, here’s where your High Tension official site research comes in handy. Answer these questions to the best of your ability…

6) What are the six names for the Gory Clips? Hint: One of them is a Danzig song title.

7) What magazine did the lead actress recently pose for?

8) How many stickers do they have available for download on the site?

9) What other horror film are they pimping on the High Tension site?

10) What does the word "Europa" have to do with High Tension?

Lastly, GO OVER TO THE OFFICIAL SITE AND REGISTER. Then come back here and answer these last few questions. Compile them all and send me your entry using the LINK BELOW and INCLUDING YOUR MAILING ADDRESS! Offer open to all citizens of North America. One entry per person. Entry is void if incomplete.

Here’s the last set of our questions:

11) What name did you register as on the official site?

12) If you win a PSP, how will you profess your love for

13) Are you seeing High Tension during its first week of release theatriclaly?

14) What’s your favorite section of

So, you should be an expert on this film now. I hope you enjoyed the gory pictures and hope that your 14 answer email arrives safely. Winners will be chosen two Mondays from today. Good luck and make sure to see High Tension in theaters starting this Friday!