ER - The Game. The Cover.
The glory days might have passed, but NBC’s stalwart series E.R. still
has enough fans to fill a wood-paneled station wagon.
And until Noah Wylie gets that call for More Myths of Fingerprints, so it shall be.

Wait. You say he hung up the scrubs a month ago? Uh-oh.

Consider this his last hurrah, then, and thank CHUD for giving you the chance to hear a big ol’ dose of Noah’s heartfelt voice acting for free. Wylie, Mekhi Phifer and Sherry Stringfield all contribute a heck of a lot of voice work to the game, since their motion capture session was rained out.

It’s not The Sims, but
E.R. uses a similar look and feel to plunge players into a resident’s life like a catheter into my…er, some sick guy’s abdomen. This is more the game for the show’s many fans than for hardcore gamers, so the RPG and mission elements will leave time for reruns.

If you long for the feeling of the blunt end of a scalpel, send an
email by using the following link. Include your mailing address and
the answers to two of the following three questions. On second throught,
don’t mail me if you’re into that whole scalpel business — just do it
if you want to play the game, OK?

1. I recently wrote a DVD review for Cronenberg’s great alterna-surgery movie, Dead Ringers. What was the name for the movie’s unconventional set of surgical tools?

2. Which is better? Noah Wylie’s cut scenes from Donnie Darko, or pretty much anything your Aunt Tessie could write to replace Mekhi Phifer’s lines in 8 Mile?

3. If you heard someone yell ‘stat!’ while you just happened to be carrying a pocket defibrillator (the Ron Popeil model) would you use it? If so, what would be the intended effect?