.Werewolves are great.

We don’t get enough werewolf movies, especially ones that don’t waste the talents of Julie Delpy. Wes Craven is a beloved horror creator for many, and this is his werewolf film. Better yet, this is the unrated edition of his werewolf film. Better yet, it’s free.

Cursed stars Christina Ricci, Roger Dodger‘s Jesse Eisenberg, and the ample curvaciousness of Shannon Elizabeth and is all about the effect the moon has on teenagers with the good fortune of being a lycanthrope.

Not to be confused with misanthropes. They write for other movie websites and Fox News.

Want to own one of these DVDs all by your lonesome? Just follow the rules below and one may just whisk itself from my desk directly to your home via the often dangerous members of our postal legions.

Send me an email using the link below (it created a subject line I can easily filter in my mail client) and including your mailing address with the answers to the following questions:

1. What animal would you be a "were" of if given a choice. Would like you like to be able to transform into a shrew during the full moon and lope around lazily with tiny pinprick eyes? Would you turn into a swordfish and dive into the sea and share your rapier wit? Would you finally be a man if for but a few days a month?

2. Who deserves the "Master of Horror" moniker more than anyone else?

3. What filmmaker not known for horror would you like to see do a horror flick? Mine might be Cameron Crowe or perhaps Spike Jonze.

4. What current filmmaker seems the most likely to be considered a legend when it’s all said and done?

5. CHUD was down for most of yesterday. Did you notice?