Haven’t gotten your daily fix from Devin on all things Harry Potter? Here’s a pic I’ve not seen featuring the two HP kids who aren’t starting to get repulsive and a wonderful piece of wood. The series keeps getting better. Will this continue the trend?Back to the archive.

NICK’s TOP 15 DVDS OF 2004

Discuss this here on our message boards. Dave’s Top 15 of 2004Devin’s Top 15 of 2004Nick’s Top 15 of 2004CHUD.com Worst 10 of 2004 This was a phenomenal year for the format of DVD. Truly special. Warner Bros. got off their schneid in a big way, more companies poured their energy into the format, and … Continue reading


Voice movies can be great for interviewing really interesting people about things other than the movie they’re promoting. There’s really only a few questions you can ask somebody about voice acting. How long did it take and how many sessions? Did you record alone or with the other actors? When did you see the character … Continue reading


I’m all for Elektra. Isn’t that just wrong? A movie webmaster giving it up in public that he is excited about a spin-off from a film that a lot of us felt disappointed by. It’s weird, I know… but I just have to come clean. Jennifer Garner. Rob Bowman. Ninja action. It takes less to … Continue reading

DAVE’S TOP 15 OF 2004

Discuss this here on our message boards. Nick’s List.Devin’s List. I don’t get to the theater as often as I’d like and I don’t have the same access to advanced or press screenings as Devin and Nick, so I’ve yet to see a few of the films populating their lists.  As a result my selections … Continue reading

NICK’s TOP 15 OF 2004

Discuss this here on our message boards. My Top Fifteen for 2003.My Top Fifteen for 2002.My Top Ten of 2001.My Top Ten of 2000. Lists like these are tricky, because there’s always the desire to provide something that will please the casual film fans as well as the snooty highbrow cult, but at the end … Continue reading


While you conduct your search for the lost city of Tanis, may I suggest a diversion in the soon to be released found DVD of tennis? Paul Bettany is a minor deity and Kirsten Dunst… was in Spider-Man, so Wimbledon ought to be a film you’re aware of. Bettany plays a player in the twilight … Continue reading


The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou is the first Wes Anderson movie that Owen Wilson didn’t cowrite. This time, Noah Baumbach helped Anderson with the script but Anderson still called his buddy for a major role. As Ned Plimpton, Wilson plays the long lost son of the title character. At least, he may be the … Continue reading


Raise a flagon of hearty mead for three new reviewers here in Thor’s Comic Column: Russell Paulette, Rob Glenn and Graig Kent.   Now, to the reviews, verily! First Look: Joss Whedon is Well on His Way Toward Putting Together One of the Better “X-Men” Runs By Devon Sanders Wednesdays have been an absolute joy … Continue reading