.I’m all for Elektra. Isn’t that just wrong? A movie webmaster giving it up in public that he is excited about a spin-off from a film that a lot of us felt disappointed by. It’s weird, I know… but I just have to come clean.

Jennifer Garner. Rob Bowman. Ninja action.

It takes less to please me on a daily basis and I’m trying really hard to not let the January release date bother me. Will it revolutionize the way we look at comic books or cinema? I doubt it. But, I love Jennifer Garner and find Bowman to be one of the most untapped action/adventure directors around, so yeah… I’m amped for this.

I think that there’s a few of you out there willing to give this film a chance, too. We will see Elektra, and if it’s good we will scream its praises into the halls of this fine land for all to hear. Who’s with me?

Here’s how to snag your own little pass for this Marvel Comics adaptation, people of ATLANTA, CHARLOTTE, RALEIGH, and GREENVILLE

Grab an envelope. Put a stamp on it. Address it to you. Put it in another envelope. Write "ELEKTRA" on the envelope. Seal the outer envelope. Mail it all to:

4915 Camberbridge Dr.
Alpharetta, GA 30022

Make sure to specify which city you want to see the film in. Also, thanks to the kind souls over the holidays who popped a few extra stamps into the SASE. And to the gentleman who popped in free golf passes… well, I am very platonically in love with you right now…